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Coastea Peach Oolong (80g)

Coastea Peach Oolong (80g)

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We select the high-quality Qilan tea from Fujian, with thick and plump tea leaves and a rich aroma of orchid flowers. The taste is mellow, smooth, and sweet with a lingering aftertaste. The peach used in this tea is from Beijing Pinggu, with a strong and sweet aroma that is fresh and natural. The tea can refresh the mind, aid digestion, improve greasiness, and provide the body with necessary vitamins and nutrients. It also quenches thirst, moisturizes the skin, and has a unique flavor.

Founded by Justin Jim, a graduate from the Division of Social Science, whose father is officially rated as a "Master of Tea Tasting" with over 30 years' experience.  CoasTea becomes a popular tea brand in younger generation in Shenzhen. Their tea is of high-quality selection, exclusive taste and original design. It aims to advocate a humane urban lifestyle.

Variety:Oolong Tea

Origin: Guangdong, China

Brewing Advice:

Serving Size:6-8 grams

Water Temperature:100 degrees

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