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Coastea Rose Lyophilized Powder (18pcs)

Coastea Rose Lyophilized Powder (18pcs)

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Refreshing soft sweet, delicate, and smooth taste, ultra-low temperature cold extract black technology locks the essence of flowers. Portable and convenient, especially suitable for ladies.

Founded by Justin Jim, a graduate from the Division of Social Science, whose father is officially rated as a "Master of Tea Tasting" with over 30 years' experience.  CoasTea becomes a popular tea brand in younger generation in Shenzhen. Their tea is of high-quality selection, exclusive taste and original design. It aims to advocate a humane urban lifestyle.


Variety: Scented Tea

Origin: Yunnan, China

Brewing Advice:

Serving Size:1 piece

Water Temperature:0-100 degrees

Brewing Time:3 Seconds

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