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GERMAGIC Air Disinfection Stick-On Filter 90 Days (1pc)

GERMAGIC Air Disinfection Stick-On Filter 90 Days (1pc)

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The “long-lasting smart antimicrobial coating technology” developed by the HKUST-CIL Joint Laboratory enhances air equipment for added antibacterial protection and disinfection.

GERMAGIC’s Air Disinfection Stick-On Filter can achieve a sustained killing of bacteria and viruses in the air for 90 days, to eliminate “nearly 99.9% of novel coronaviruses and 99.9% of influenza virus and bacteria”. It also has excellent deodorising properties and formaldehyde decomposition capabilities.

It has passed multiple safety tests, including skin irritation test, acute inhalation toxicity test, oral toxicity test, etc., to ensure that the epidemic prevention and sterilization is safe and non-irritant, and harmless to both humans and the environment.


GERMAGIC’s “smart antimicrobial coating technology” achieves the sustained release of “contact killing”, “release killing” and “anti-adhesion” to kill bacteria, viruses and molds.

  1. Contact killing: Bacteria are killed upon contact with GERMAGIC microcapsule coating.
  2. Release killing: Slowly activates and exudes gaseous germicidal ingredients to kill bacteria.
  3. Antibacterial adhesion: Prevents bacteria from accumulating and contaminating.

Cut freely to fit to size, suitable for a variety of home and car air conditions, cleaners and purifiers.

  • Product size: 60cm (height) x 40cm (width)