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SGC Cosmotech Illuminating Essence

SGC Cosmotech Illuminating Essence

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SGC Cosmotech Company Limited is a member of HKUST Entrepreneurship Program.

A unique and innovative skin lightening product that combines the most up to date and efficient raw materials, optimized by 3x[NANA] Complete Extraction Technology of Bird’s nest. Gradually fades skin discolorations, sun and age spots, acne marks, fight hyperpigmentation and help even skin tone. Suitable for face of all skin types.

This special formula combines effective anti-oxidants and whitening ingredients with synergistic effect, enhancing skin elasticity. Ideal to absorb the active ingredients of other SGC Cosmotech Illuminating products.

Purchase the SGC Cosmotech series can get a free skin test in HKUST. For details, please email to

  • Capacity: 45 ml
  • This item cannot be shipped to China.