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SGC Cosmotech Illuminating and Hydrating Mask

SGC Cosmotech Illuminating and Hydrating Mask

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SGC Cosmotech Company Limited is a member of HKUST Entrepreneurship Program.

Whitening, moisturizing and nourishing face mask based on 3 X [NANA] Complete Extraction Technology of bird’s nest. Stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration and self-repair properties, effectively moisturizes the epidermis, restoring its suppleness and firmness by rich active ingredients, leave the skin smooth, nourish and fresh.

It prepares the skin to receive and enhance the result of whitening care from SGC Cosmotech Illuminating Series. Effectiveness is optimized by luxurious Japanese-made functional paper mask.

Purchase the SGC Cosmotech series can get a free skin test in HKUST. For details, please email to

  • Capacity: 30ml x 5pcs
  • This item cannot be shipped to China.